With a keen interest in all things light-related, we have worked in more than one domain. The research in this team ranges from probing objects with modulated light to algorithm application for imaging in various platforms.

Current Projects

Single-pixel and ghost imaging

These imaging techniques use a large “bucket” detector to measure the signal after the light has interacted with the target and a spatial light modulator.

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Optical assessment of skin grafts and flaps

Skin grafts and flaps in post-operative care are assessed with qualitative approaches such as touch and appearance. This project is keen on identifying quantitative, non-contact approaches to assess the tissue.

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ModMicro (Low-cost and modular microscopy) and ModLight (Modular Light Sources)

Modular Microscopy assesses the value of additive manufacturing for expanding microscopy techniques to affordable platforms to make such systems accessible around the world.

Modular Light (Certified OSHW Project) Sources are a suite of light sources that are low-cost alternatives to LED-based illumination strategies. Our motivation is to build a large set of plug-and-play style devices, applicable to any imaging system.

All the latest updates and downloads are available on this project page (click the link below) or GitHub.

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Biophotonics, Diagnostics and Human Skin Equivalents (HSEs)

Optically assessing tissue has provided a multitude of diagnostic techniques. Our research combines low-cost optical methods, Monte Carlo simulation-based assessments and investigation of human skin equivalents (HSEs).

HSEs are synthetic tissue models cultured in a lab. With the advantages of being able to solve many medical conditions that require skin replacement, this research at the interface of tissue engineering and biophotonics is a key investigation area.

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Hyperspectral Image Analysis

High dimensional and high-resolution data is now widely available in remote sensing. We are keen on exploring the dimensionality challenges and spectral investigations for deciphering land-use/land-cover information.

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Past Projects

Shoreline change assessment and sea-level rise

Climate change and sea-level rise are two key, related challenges that the world faces today. One of the first areas to be impacted would be coastal regions. Our research looked into assessing past data, including the influencing factors and modelling the coastline to a future position. This approach is key for coastal zone management and planning.

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Spectrographs and optical engineering

Optical engineering includes a wide range of research problems, including microscope engineering, spectrograph design, and others.

Our research attempted to recalibrate a proprietary spectrograph system to a separate imaging system, and highlights possible avenues of future exploration, presented at the 2018 British and Irish Conference on Optics and Photonics.